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For the yachting professional on the Mediterranean

It’s time to become part of the Union

Article by Chris Clifford

Gary Crossing Nautilus

Nautilus is attracting large numbers of new members in the superyacht sector. Gary Crossing looks at what the Union has to offer

Superyacht crew made up more than half of Nautilus International’s new members in 2019. The sector is a growth area for the Union which has helped widen its influence globally to recruit younger maritime professionals.

While superyachts might seem to embody a world of glitz and glamour in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, life for crew members can be very different from that of the vessels’ owners.

In common with colleagues in the Merchant Navy, superyacht crew can experience long spells away from home working in isolated jobs with uncertain pay; they need a Union on their side when things get tough.

Nautilus International’s success in achieving justice for members after recent high-profile yacht incidents has also helped raise the Union’s profile and put a spotlight on the global legal leverage enjoyed by the Union for the benefit of members internationally. In one such case in December 2018, Nautilus secured almost US$1m in unpaid wages for crew members from the superyacht M/Y Indian Empress.

Nautilus was also looking out for members in April 2019, when the Union urged seafarers to exercise extreme caution in dealings with the Marshall Islands flagged M/Y Luna, a luxury superyacht caught up in a bitter divorce dispute between a rowing Russian oligarch and his ex-wife.

Another member recently sought damages for her employer’s non-payment of maternity entitlements and breach of contract. As a member, the Union funded the case which led to the arrest of the UK flagged superyacht M/Y Lazy P.

Behind the scenes, Nautilus organisers are working hard to ensure all members in the yachting sector get relevant additional benefits and support via access to the various services offered through the Union’s network of 17 strategic partners.

The partners provide benefits and advice specific to their niche in the superyacht industry. These services are in addition to the Union’s traditional day-to-day representation of superyacht members on issues as wide ranging such as non¬payment or delayed wages, repatriation, bullying and harassment, certification protections and legal help.

As the only trade union and professional organisation working globally in the superyacht industry, it is essential superyacht officers and crew know they have an organisation looking out for their vested interests,” Nautilus strategic organiser Rachel Lynch said. Any superyacht professional can join Nautilus, regardless of their country of nationality or residence or the flag of their vessel. They can be deck or engineering officers, deckhands, interior crew, chefs and other specialist crew such as medical staff.

The Union represents more than 22,000 members across more than a dozen maritime industries from over 90 different countries. Although its main branches are the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland, the Union also has an office in Antibes especially for superyacht members through a long-standing partnership with D&B Services – and support is also provided by several other strategic yacht sector partners.

D&B Services works alongside the Nautilus offices in the UK to process the Nautilus Service Record Book (SRB) which each yacht member receives.

For more details visit www.nautilusint.org