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Perfectly packaged

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Superyacht Tenders & Toys

Is big always better? Josh Richardson looks at how to fill your tender and toys garage when you may be restricted by the design and amount of available storage

The media understandably tends to focus on the largest yachts in the world – those such as the spectacular REV expedition yacht in build. However, reviewing the global order book and planned deliveries for 2020 we can see that, whilst the media focus is on large yachts, the fastest growing segment of the market is in the smaller 24m – 45m yachts, with expedition

style yachts also enjoying an increased market share. It is this size yacht that represents the largest market share of existing vessels and often introduces new owners to the industry and brands such as Sunseeker, Princess, Azimut-Benetti, the Feretti Group and San Lorenzo, who focus on this size bracket. This market share is now showing the busiest orderbooks with the largest number of current builds. It is this size yacht I would like to concentrate on in this article, as it is a key but often overlooked section of the industry when talking about tenders and toys, and one which invariably challenges us at Superyacht Tenders and Toys more than any other.

Yacht garage space
Large yachts usually have adequate garages, cranes and stowage for a variety of craft and toys. Generally when dealing with large yachts over 80m there are a number of tender options that can be proposed which are fit for purpose and fit within the space available and the work SYTT do is merely a matter of finding a match for the client in terms of budget, build time and preferred style.

It is in the smaller yachts that our work becomes slightly more difficult as space is constrained and the decision is more critical as it has a very direct impact on owners’ living spaces and the way in which they use their yacht. Garage spaces are also designed by the shipyard from the outset of these more production orientated builds with a single preferred tender in mind.

More often than not there is very little, if any, flexibility in this space and the shipyard often provides their standard tender as part of the build contract. Typically, we see garages that are designed to fit this shipyard-specified tender, often leaving only about 100mm clearance around it so finding an alternative tender can be a challenge but is not impossible! Inboard diesel brands such as Williams and Castoldi have built a strong reputation and following in this market. Williams is popular with the UK yacht builders such as Princess and Sunseeker and Castoldi is favoured by their Italian counterparts but owners do not have to stick with the tender their yacht builder specifies.

Focus on toys
In the last 10-20 years the tender and toy package has become something that is a key decision for owners when choosing yachts, with many believing that the best moments in life are on or in the water playing with the toys. This has inevitably led to the increase in expedition style yachts and support vessels to whom we are providing consultation and supplying tenders and toys. With space being the priority and the challenge there are a number of innovations in the toy market to make life easier with limited storage space. Options such as inflatable toys, SUPS and docks which have a reduced stowed size create a better owner experience. Multi-functional toys are improving in quality so as to offer different sports within one item – for example, different fins, foils, rigs and sails can be purchased to utilise one board in a number of ways which all helps reduce the amount of storage space needed onboard.

The new owners
Yacht charterers always seem to want to be able to have anything, anytime, anywhere. However, this simply cannot be achieved by smaller yachts as they do not have the space to carry everything all the time. Tender and particularly toy rental has helped fill this area and at SYTT we have a significant selection of rental toys and tenders available that can often be delivered the same day to many of the main yachting destinations. This has also given owners the opportunity to try before you buy, something that has been lacking in the superyacht toy supply traditionally. With many toys being of high value, this is a great opportunity for owners and crew to decide what they like before purchasing rather than buying new and then it sitting idle in the garage for years because the owner doesn’t like it or the crew find it too difficult/time consuming to deploy. It also means they can have the latest and greatest toy at any time ensuring that owners have the newest, fastest, lightest and most reliable equipment on board.

Reliability, of course, is key to both owners and crew alike. A lot of the new electric toys such as Seabob, Lift eFoil, Radinn and others offer a zero-maintenance toy which offers a quick thrill but requires very low skill. The perfect addition for charters and family trips!

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the must have toys package for smaller yachts:
Inflatable SUPS These are now regarded by many as a better option than their rigid predecessors. With companies such as RED Paddle Co offering their new compact SUPs these pack down into less than half the space of competitors. RED also offer a 10’7 Wind Windsurf Paddleboard Package, which means you can also use one board to paddle on or windsurf. For beginners this provides a great multi-use toy. As a personal recommendation if a yacht is after a SUP then I would recommend a larger size, up to an 11’0 or larger so that the board has some length to it which means you can paddle further plus also put a child on the front. This also means the board is more seaworthy and are better able to maintain some speed through waves.

Nautibuoy docks These transform watersports and interaction with the sea plus also look very sleek with their EVA foam teak top that has a much more premium feel than the cheaper alternatives. The docks offer a multitude of uses – they can be used for lounging with the leisure pack, cleaning the hull with the maintenance pack, and can be configured in a variety of ways to create jetski docks, tender berthing or even eFoil and Seabob berthing with the C-Dock. A great way to increase your waterfront real estate.

Small PWCs PWCs have grown over the years and the largest Seadoo GTX 300 is now 3.45m long and weighs 385kg plus fuel. That is larger than some tenders in the smaller yachts! With this in mind the Seadoo SPARK and Seadoo TRIXX are popular. The Spark weighs 186kg plus fuel and is a much easier to store size of 2.79m. These skis are a lot of fun and are a lot more responsive and nimbler than the larger more powerful skis.

Inflatable Sailing Dinghies Sailing dinghies offer a great way for guests to enjoy yachting and often are large enough that multiple people can sail together. MiniCat is a class leader and one of the most popular inflatable catamarans in the market being known as the world’s favourite portable sailboat. There are 4 sizes and 9 models available for 1-4 people to sail. All models fit in 1-3 bags and take less than 30 minutes to assemble. The 420 Evoque is the most popular at SYTT and has various components in carbon and comes with fully battened mainsail, Jib and optional Gennaker. This is great for 2 adults and a child or can be sailed solo. Often crew will take kids out sailing and can be in the same boat training.

Other popular dinghies that are easy to stow include the Tiwal, a single or two handed monohull dinghy and the Reverso, a single-handed dinghy that has a rigid hull that separates into 4 sections for transport and storage. This only takes 5 minutes to rig and gives the best sailing experience of all options above. The Reverso can be customised to match the yacht.

Folding bikes They provide a great option when ashore to explore. Montague bikes provide a range of mountain and pavement bikes. The company markets itself as ‘real bikes that fold’ and the Paratrooper Elite is a very popular yacht choice being the highest performance folding mountain bike in the world, with an aggressive hard tail build for technical single track.

For folding ebikes few do it better than GoCycle. These have been the industry leader for a number of years and are lightweight and easy to handle weighing only 16.5kg. The bikes are very adjustable so can fit all size riders. The new fast folding GX model is ideal for yachts whether it is crew going to the shops or owners and guests cruising the local area.

SYTT offer clients a full CAD modelling service to help arrange stowage and maximise the equipment to be carried. Utilising space efficiently and planning for places to charge electric toys is key. One area that is often overlooked is that tenders often have a lot of storage and a number of watersports toys can be stored in them, or under them in the chocks. In the past we have got involved in custom storage bags for inflatables and other toys which means they can be stored in open outside guest areas. Lack of storage space should not be an excuse not to have all the toys!

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Is it really possible? Here at Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) we are working hard to try and reduce our environmental impact and in a superyacht world where everyone wants everything immediately this can have its challenges.

We do feel that times are changing and that everyone needs to step up and take some accountability. Our team are a collection

Superyacht Tenders and Toys

of lifelong sailors and watersports enthusiasts and it goes without saying that we want to do our part to protect the environment we all so much enjoy. At SYTT we are working to have a sustainability standard which will inspire others and promote and push companies and products who also share in this philosophy.

With this in mind we recently launched our own yacht toy and tender rental operation, with an office in Monaco and warehouse in Nice, France. This was partly due to market request but also because we so often find that when we sell something to a yacht it is sometimes only used only a handful of times for a single charter and is then left unused in the back of a garage.

The sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular in our more environmentally aware society, as seen by companies such as Urban Outfitters the clothes sharing company, or Borrow a Boat in the marine industry who are headline sponsors of Southampton boat show in 2019. By renting equipment to clients as a viable alternative to selling we believe that the carbon footprint of manufacturing will be less and the goods will be used more which is more sustainable for the environment.

Small steps indeed, but positive ones. It is with this environmental consideration that we only provide ‘eco-friendly’ rentals, which includes wind powered and electric toys. Owners, captains and crew (especially engineers!) are responding very favourably to this, as there is less chance of an item breaking down on charter, as they are all plug and play.

Electric toys often have an App that goes along with them and they can be logged into by our team and updates done remotely in the event of issues. This also solves the issue of storing petrol onboard in yacht garages, which are often not certified to store petrol.

SYTT have selected companies which have sustainability programmes in place to partner with for the rental arm of the business. A key partner being RS Sailing. RS has one of the most thorough sustainability policies in the market and considers the way boats are sold, designed, manufactured and end of life practices for their boats. As a result, their boats are increasingly built from natural fibre basalt, flax and hemp bio based epoxy infusion resin. A recent study found that using natural fibre with bio resin compared to traditional glass fibre with epoxy resin saved 28% on carbon emissions alone. Adding in recycled composite materials this improves even more. 70% of RS sailboats hulls are presently made from 100% recyclable polyethylene material with 70% of RS spars and 50% of foils made of aluminium and recyclable. SYTT has a fleet of 6 RS21’s available for hire.

If you are looking for a more sustainable way to enjoy your time on the water contact Superyacht Tenders and Toys to discuss our eco options both for rental or purchase.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)2380 016363
or visit www.superyachttendersandtoys.com

Playing Around

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Superyacht tenders and toys

The selection of water toys available on board is often one of the major discussion points when narrowing down yachts for brokers or managers when looking at available charters

As the world shifts towards a more health-focussed understanding of fun, we have noticed that there has been an increase in challenge-hungry adult charterers, eager to master the latest inventions and share their experiences with instagram followers capturing that best action picture in a luxurious location.

The rise in social media use has undoubtedly played a part in the popularity of certain water toys and the growth of companies such as Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) who specialise in the outfitting of the latest and greatest, with Instagram and Facebook serving as the perfect visual outlets for creating targeted campaigns. A perfect example is the adrenaline-fuelled Flyboard, which propels the user up to 15m in the air and has amassed 246,889 #flyboard posts on Instagram. Everyone wants to see it and by association this can only be good for all companies involved.

A desire to document the charter experience has been welcomed and accommodated for by many owners who have begun investing heavily in professional video equipment on board, including drones and GoPros, often having imagery available on a large screen on board afterwards. Many tenders are now well set up to record the action such as on a Ski Nautique which can film the best moments when wakeboarding or surfing, with intelligent systems that only record when the boat is at speed and the rider on the wave.

Items such as the inflatable waterpark are increasingly popular with charterers offering the opportunity to create a bespoke outdoor workout incorporating climbing walls, trampolines, and paddle board yoga. Careful selling is required to ensure that the waterpark is within the means of the deckhands though! Many owners want more and more and it is simply not possible for crew to get them all out in time. Some of the recent advances by companies such as FunAir with their RapidFlate valves have aided quick setup times.

Taking up limited space on board, and working for 30m or 100m+ yachts, inflatable toys are a fantastic and growing way for owners to add value to the guest experience and increase a yachts’ popularity in a saturated charter market. Endorsed by Bear Grylls, the inflatable TIWAL sailboat assembles in less than 20 minutes and offers charterers the chance to try their hand at developing a new passion for sailing and having a fun workout at the same time. The MiniCat is also a popular inflatable sailing boat where kids and adults alike can get an exhilarating experience. The inflatable Schiller Bike has also risen to fame amongst the growing community of avid cyclists worldwide and is a regular seller at SYTT.

Without doubt a good selection of toys on board can be complemented a crew that are able to help the charterer get the most out of the novel experience. Fitting the right toys to the charter guests skills is important, and thus yachts often have qualified instructors on board. SYTT always offer tuition on toys supplied to ensure crew are best placed to assist clients.

A charter experience should be designed to provide a haven whereby guests are able to fully de-compress and relax with family and friends, in whichever way they reasonably see fit. In most circumstances, the water toys on board will positively influence which yacht a client chooses to charter, specifically where children are involved or where there are thrill seeking adults.

Let’s ensure that yachts have the best recommended toys and ensure everyone has positive experiences. Also let’s not forget that he who has the most toys wins! Or more importantly gets the most charters…..

For more details Tel:+44 2380 01 63 63 or visit www.superyachttednersandtoys.com


Locked & Loaded

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Ulysses fenders

Increasingly we are finding that shipyards and designers are more aware of them and they are getting designed better into the yachts storage and operations, giving owners, guests and crew a better experience. Many designers have preferred brands to work with based off past history and design in various manufacturers boats from the outset, which then sets the box dimensions (height, beam, length) and also crane weights installed by the shipyard. At SYTT we are regularly involved with new concept yachts and assisting in getting practical garages designed which fit the owners’ brief. Key considerations being ease of operations, cleaning, maintenance, chocking and of course proposing suitable boats for purpose ensuring boats are not compromised by height for sea keeping and deep V hulls, length for vessels being dry and fast, and beam for loading capacity of guests and equipment.

As ever, the earlier tenders can be designed into garages during the build the better, and this goes without saying and avoids tenders having to be purchased to compromise. However, it is not just sizes of tender garages which are important, but also the cranes, chocks and other seemingly small details. Cranes and the lifting points on tenders are more often than not the single most important aspect of designing a new yachts garage arrangement affecting owners’ choice in the tenders they can purchase. This is however something rarely yacht captains and owners are involved in as it is planned at the very early stages of the build. With this in mind it makes a huge difference whether the tender has a single point lift, twin lifting points or the more traditional 3 or 4-point lifting. Avoiding spreader bars is fundamental to smooth yacht operations, something we are regularly having to fight with manufacturers against to find ways around when proposed. The lifting setup not only affects the stability and launching conditions which are possible to launch and recover tenders, but also impacts significant aspects of the tender design such as engine and drive choice, limousine roof length, seating and more. In tender builds lifting points need to be aligned to bulkheads and the load spread according to the boats centre of gravity. These then need to be rated and certified typically to 2.2 times the safe working load for a static lift, to 6 or even 8 times the load for carrying passengers.

When designers are working up a general arrangement they need to decide how the tenders will be launched and recovered. At this time in the design there is a focus into the layout of the space to meet their requirements, and in particular the tender storage. Whether this be a drive in tender dock, beach club, roller launching up the transom, side garages with davits aft, mid-ships or on the bow, winching onto deck or simply lifting on deck with davits. All of these need to be considered according to the types of tenders and the conditions and locations they will be used.

A system for one yacht launching tenders in Antarctica in 40 knot winds is very different than a typical Med yacht. Recently we have been involved in a yacht who’s brief was to be able to drive a tender onto the yacht whilst at 10 knots. Transom rollers can work very well here. Regardless of the criteria of when and how the boats will be launched and recovered the correct answer is almost always the easiest. If boats can quickly be attached to a crane or driven onto rollers whilst the vessel is moving, then this invariably represents the safest option for the crew operating them and the vessel avoiding trapped fingers in large shackles and getting caught on lines from cranes. Prolonged periods when people are manhandling and shackling on lifting slings represent an increased risk. For many shipyards to try and design their tender launching system in line with what would be required for SOLAS tenders (Safety of Life at Sea Rescue boats) is positive, as it stipulates that boats need to be launched and recovered quickly at sea.

With the garages and tenders designed what’s left? Simply making the tenders as easy to use as possible – logistics involving fendering and securing. This is something that most captains, crew and owners are able to have more influence on, as many items are purchased by them after a vessel is built or during the latter stages of a build. Below are some of the key items to consider:

SYTT carbon tender fender
Transom Fender SYTT

There are a number of options here, which are largely driven by the size of the yacht and budget. Whilst every manufacturer will tell you they make the best, there are some key differences in the manufacture which are often price/quality based and worth knowing.

Inflatable fenders
Light in weight, easily inflated and easy to store. There are a huge variety of sizes possible from manufacturers such as AERE, Megafend, Fendequip and Henshaw. All can be custom sized with fender socks either in cotton or neoprene in a colour of choice. Key differences between manufacturers is the use of PVC or Hypalon material. PVC typically offers fully hot air welded seams, is lighter to handle, has a neater finish and has less chance of leaking. Hypalon is a heavier material that is commonly used on inflatable RIB tubes. It has high strength and abraision qualities. Key factors as well as the material the fenders are constructed from are the use of stainless rotating swivels used to attach lines to the yachts allowing them to twist and also be able to be used end to end, or on their sides, and any internal wire frame for strengthening for larger vessels over 100m.

Foam Core Transom fenders
Used by yachts for fendering on the bathing platform, transom areas and crew side doors on areas where tenders are either moored up to for long periods of time or they are repeatedly coming alongside. These high impact areas need sleek, good looking, hardwearing fendering that blends into the yachts design and having floating sausage fenders is simply not appropriate. These fenders can either be inflatable, built in Drop Stitch fabric (the same as used on inflatable paddleboards) which is very rigid when inflated (up to 15 P.S.I) or a rigid foam core fender. Choosing whether to have a rigid fender or inflatable comes down to how much storage the yacht has, how hardwearing an area it is used on and desired looks and feel. Many yachts go for rigid fenders as guests can step on them and feel secure without them moving and they are typically looked at as the highest quality option. Rigid transom fenders are typically built in manageable sections around 1m long with a foam core which provides some fendering ability, then wrapped in neoprene and hypalon. Good transom fenders transform yacht operations allowing secure coming alongside and boarding for guests, as well as the ability to berth tenders alongside the vessel when not in use reducing tender damage. A budget of around €900 per metre section is realistic for a quality application.

Carbon Tender Fenders
These are rigid fenders, often called Pillar Fenders which mount on the yachts transom, so a tender can berth alongside. Due to the additional height they provide over the low-lying foam core transom fenders these are a better way of securing a tender, as it stops it riding over the transom in a swell. On these the rubbing strake of a tender will rise up and down the pillar. They are look good and highly functional. When made in carbon they are easy to handle, light - as low as 12kg per piece and are removable so only deployed when a yacht is at anchor. Options are available in aluminium, carbon, with lights, handles, folding, tilting with tender loads and are easily handled and moved. Having provided these for many yachts over a number of years there was a growing feeling that no-one was serving the yachts needs in terms of functionality and price point. So, SYTT now design and build their own lightweight carbon range which suits all tender sizes. A budget of €20,000 for a 70m yacht would be a good starting point for a good quality option.

Tender Whip - Zenobia
Fender Hooks

Tender Mooring Whips
When tenders are not required rather than leaving them alongside Tender Mooring Whips are used, and more rarely fixed tender booms. Tender Whips are generally seen as the best option and are a very inexpensive piece of equipment (approx. €2000 installed). Stainless flush mounts can be installed on swim platforms, deck, or rub rails, depending on the preferred location of the tender. The poles come in two pieces so can be easily stored on board. The flush bases eliminate tripping or catching of lines on board. Breast and spring lines are to be used to hold the tender in place and stop them surging forward or aft. Whips are available for tenders of all sizes, currently up to 22,000 kg! Stainless fittings, high quality lines and cleats, along with painted finishes are all recommended. Due to the low cost of these it is generally recommended to go for a higher specification whip, which can take larger loads than expected.

Fender hooks
Last item to mention is fender hooks, which are on almost every large yacht to hold fenders, or whips hanging over the side of the vessel. At around €1000 per hook these are well worth a mention. These are typically custom handcrafted to securely fit the rail or bulwark profile of the superyacht and hardware configured to its needs.

The core structure for these fender hooks and special purpose hooks is 316 stainless-steel. The coverings are stitched together for a richly detailed look. Hardware choices include thread less fairleads, custom D-rings, box rings, cam cleats, custom sized thread less spreader bars and much more Bespoke special hooks such as rod or Tender Mooring Whip holders also available.

Superyacht Tenders and Toys is outfitting the world’s largest yachts with deck and fender equipment plus Tender storage solutions, spreader bars, jet-ski and toy lifting equipment and the latest in carbon davits. They can offer any advice and guidance into the most suitable equipment for new build and existing yachts. The team fly, ride, dive and drive everything they sell.