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Superyacht Bunkering

Article by Chris Clifford


GOLD STANDARD BUNKERING – Rubis continues to lead on product quality and service standard by now offering HVO Renewable diesel as an option alongside their Premium ULSD conventional diesel.

Rubis is a French-based energy company which distributes fuel to superyachts in Europe, the Caribbean Americas, as well as Africa, and is committed to supporting the Climate Change transition from the most polluting fossil fuels to; higher refined conventional, renewable and hydrogen based, fuel products. This policy compliments in close alignment, that of the superyacht industry which for the last 20 years has recognised the performance benefits of cleaner fuels but more recently has promoted the advancement of alternative, more environmentally conscious, power and fuel solutions. Rubis being one of the largest physical suppliers of fuel to the superyacht sector ensures the highest standards across its Atlantic Network and is highly respected by reputable fuel brokers. Therefore Rubis is well placed to promote the transition to cleaner marine fuels.

The Northern European hub for Rubis Superyacht Bunkering operations are the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey located in the Western Approaches to the English Channel, adjacent to Cherbourg. The islands are a strategic bunker stop choice of vessels leaving the Dutch and German shipyards before making the crossing of Biscay and heading south and into the Mediterranean or crossing over to the Caribbean. The importance of assurance on fuel quality becomes even more crucial on these longer distance transits when weather windows, schedules, port calls and provisions have been planned accordingly. Any disruption to these plans due to poor quality or off spec fuel would likely lead to major cost liabilities on resolving the contamination, re-scheduling port calls and managing owner or charter commitments. Rubis Channel Islands therefore supplies highest grade premium diesel ULSD/AGO to EN 590, sulphur <10ppm (0.001%) and flashpoint >60’C, which is also certified FAME free (ISO de-minimis), with MARPOL documentation and samples. This along with the islands being a low duty zero VAT jurisdiction offering some of the lowest fuel and lubricant prices across Europe, is why Rubis Channel Islands is the go to fuel stop for the majority of vessels heading south on a long haul transit.


For superyachts looking to reduce their carbon footprint Rubis Channel Islands now also offers renewable diesel HVO to EN 15940. Rubis supplies HVO in the Channel Islands at rates which are similar to those of fossil diesel in Europe, therefore superyachts can choose this as a cost neutral way to offset their carbon emissions. This HVO is an advanced 2nd generation hydro-processed bio-fuel which is FAME free, outperforms other bio diesels and fossil diesels, will produce up to net 90% less CO2 over its lifecycle and is fully compatible with EN 590 fuel. As a major development in this direction Rolls Royce MTU have now released EN 15940 renewable diesel for use in their very popular series 4000 GenDrive engines. This is expected to be extended across much of the MTU engine range in the 2021 update of their Fluids & Lubricants Manual. With the rapid increase in demand for renewable diesel in the superyacht sector, Rubis is extending the availability of this grade across their network of bunkering locations covering Bermuda, the Caribbean and South America.

On the Americas side Rubis offer their superior brand quality and service assurance in superyacht bunkering, across their Atlantic Network of locations including Bermuda and 16 other countries of the Caribbean. Bermuda is a transit point for vessels from the US and for many a last stop before making the crossing east to Europe. In the Caribbean, from the Bahamas, Cayman, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos in the West, French Antilles and Antigua in the East, down through St Lucia, Barbados and the Grenadines to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana on mainland South America, Rubis has the region comprehensively covered.

With such scenic destinations, many of which include Marine Conservation Areas and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with performance and reliability issues associated with fuel quality it is now also an important responsibility of owners and captains to consider the environmental affects their fuel quality has on the ecology around them. The Superyacht Industry has long recognized, that Environmental impact of vessel operation is a key factor in sustainability but with the Climate Change Crisis now at a critical level fuel quality advances and emissions reductions should be a target of all vessels. This will be a credit to the vessel and company whether they are embarked on exploration, eco-charter or pleasure cruising.

Pre-planning fuel stops to suit selected routes and fuel specifications for a superyacht captain reduces the unknown element and unforeseen circumstances. A network of locations from the same supplier with premium quality of service and product assurance, means standards of bunkering procedures are one less thing to be concerned with. Rubis know fuel and together with Port Agent partners understand superyacht requirements for the smooth planning, booking and completion of bunker port calls. When you demand product quality and competitive marine fuel prices, Rubis Marine Bunkering is the regional leader for North Europe, Bermuda and the Caribbean. The Rubis network of local marine fuel professionals provide start to finish expertise and superior customer service.

For location details and contacts visit:

Rubis Europe Channel Islands

Rubis Atlantic Locations


Superyacht Re-fueling

Article by ONBOARD Magazine


RUBIS Superyacht Fuel


The Northern European hub for superyacht builds and refits is centred, around the prestigious shipyards of The Netherlands and Germany. After new build commissioning and sea trials or post refit handover, owners and captains are keen to return to their chosen areas of operation whether they be in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. The transit begins with a west passage through the English Channel before heading south and then east through the Gibraltar Straits into the Med,

or on further south for maybe a last stop in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, before making the west crossing to Antigua and entering the Caribbean.

With any long distance repositioning there is lots to plan, organise and arrange not least the largest expense which is likely to be fuel supply. At the western end of the English Channel, just after passing Southampton to the north and Cherbourg to the south are the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey where global and leading fuel bunkering physical suppliers Rubis, operate their regional service from with all tidal berths of 25m - 130m+. www.rubis-ci.co.uk/superyacht

The Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey are self-governing and as such have their own tax regimes by agreement with the UK. No VAT is chargeable on any services and supplied products, or purchases and imported items for collection, to any vessel whether registered Private or Commercial. Therefore Rubis-CI is able to offer Superyachts some of the lowest fuel and lubricant prices across Europe, and for superior grade products. The Rubis Premium Superyacht Diesel is ULSD/AGO EN590, certified FAME free to ISO de-minimis and supplied with MARPOL documentation and samples. This is why Rubis-CI is the go to fuel stop for the majority of vessels heading south on a long haul transit.

Rubis is one of the few European suppliers that offer premium marine diesel which has sulphur less than 10mg/kg and flash point over 60’C for highest power output per litre and cleanest burn, and which is certified FAME free (ISO de-minimis) to avoid microbial growth (the Diesel Bug). For superyachts with petrol reserves for secondary vessels or aviation reserves for helicopters unleaded PU10 and Jet-A1 are also available as well as Shell lubricants, all in bulk supply. Latest developments are to include an offering of advanced 2nd generation hydro-processed bio-fuel which is also FAME free. This HVO renewable diesel, Rubis RD100 outperforms other biodiesels and fossil diesel and will cut global carbon emissions from diesel engines by up to 90% over its lifecycle.

Finally if that wasn’t enough reasons to make a stop at Rubis-CI, Guernsey and Jersey are not part of the UK or EU Fiscal Areas, therefore if a superyacht is in a tax window of limited duration in UK or EU jurisdiction waters, a visit to Guernsey or Jersey offers the opportunity of Customs Clearance at a non UK or EU port. This can then provide the start of a new tax window of which to re-enter UK or EU jurisdiction waters on.

After departing the English Channel vessels will likely have planned a long distance leg before the next bunker stop to enter the Med or cross the Atlantic for the Americas. The importance of assurance on fuel quality becomes even more crucial on these longer distance transits when weather windows, schedules, port calls and provisions have been planned accordingly. Disruption to these plans due to poor or off spec fuel leads to major cost liabilities on resolving the contamination, re-scheduling of ports and owner or charter commitments. This is where the name of quality and network of locations that Rubis provides is invaluable.

In the Caribbean, from the Bahamas, Cayman, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos in the West, French Antilles and Antigua in the East, down through St Lucia, Barbados and the Grenadines to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana on mainland South America, Rubis has the region comprehensively covered.

For more details Tel: +44(0)1481 200800
or visit www.rubis-ci.co.uk/superyacht


Article by ONBOARD Magazine


Rubis Superyacht Bunkering

Rubis launch new Atlantic Marine Bunkering Network and Superyacht Service

The name Rubis may well not be that familiar to you as a retailer. They are however a very well established trading company with a strong brand that specialise in the distribution, storage and sale of high quality petroleum products. They have significant distribution volumes of petroleum products (6 million cubic metres in 2019) with direct marine supply concentrated in Western Europe and the Caribbean.

The size of Rubis as a multi-national physical supplier of fuels employing over 3,500 personnel has many advantages. Not only does it drive forward the highest professional and safety standards but the sheer size of this publicly listed company brings with it extensive expertise within the supply chain. Add to this the fact that they own their own tank terminals and distribution facilities and the result is a supply chain of strength and integrity.

Their size as an organisation also brings with it some significant presence across numerous jurisdictions, which gives them leverage with increased purchasing power due to their status in the field. This helps to deliver the best of both worlds in terms of both quality and price.

Rubis’ new bunkering and superyacht service network is highly focused on communication and high levels of service. With this they cover the best part of the North Atlantic, a large percentage of Northern Europe and many of the Caribbean islands. This allow vessels to extend their potential cruising area knowing that they have a trusted bunkering partner on hand. A great assurance for those wishing to take a foray into the less travelled waters and maintain confidence in their fuel supply.

Rubis have offices in the Channels Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, making them ideally situated for bunkering stops to and from these summer / winter Northern European routes of higher latitudes. Yachts on western passages to or from the Mediterranean can now benefit from the extensive network of locations across the Caribbean Islands.

With the new rules relating to lower sulphur content in marine fuel taking effect for all ships globally on the 1st of January 2020, reducing the current limit of 3.5% (m/m) (mass/mass) to 0.5% (m/m), many more vessels will be obliged to meet these standards. For further advice contact your nearest Rubis location. The Rubis network of well placed bunkering locations will be able to meet all your needs according to the new regulations for ships and higher specifications for yachts.

Rubis Superyacht Bunkering

Rubis Marine Bunkering is presented by Ben Mahy who is qualified as a Naval Architect, Project Manager and Chartered Engineer. Ben is Rubis Channel Island’s Business Development Manager and is based in Guernsey.

To find out more about the services provided by Rubis Superyacht Bunkering
Tel: +44 (0) 1481 200 800
or visit www.rubis-ci.co.uk/superyacht

Article production is by Iain Flockhart a highly-experienced yacht captain and writer with more than 250,000 nautical miles in the role of Master www.saoralbaholdings.com