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Shock Mitigation Seats | Superyacht Tenders

Article by ONBOARD Magazine


Style, comfort and shock mitigation are all important parts of any seat design for superyacht tenders whether for crew or guests. ONBOARD looks at the best range of suppliers in the market place


With the average superyacht tender changing dramatically over the past 10 years in terms of size, speed and ability to traverse greater distances in more open seas, the comfort and safety of crew and passengers has been brought to the forefront.

Of course there are still the luxurious limo tenders poodling along at 5 knots for about 5 minutes bringing the guests from the yacht to the quayside, but the majority of the new tenders we’re seeing come into the market are built for a thrilling ride over the waves at speed. With this speed over greater distances comes the possibility of injury due to the repetitive impact of the tender on the water. So, although the seats obviously still need to have that luxury look and feel, the real important parts are underneath the seat itself. Shock mitigation is crucial to ensure the long term health and safety of the crew and this technology will also give the passengers a more comfortable ride.

“If it feels good, it most probably is” Based on this assumption and a thorough understanding of physiology and biomechanics, Swedish Navy doctor Johan Ullman M.D. developed the most comfortable marine suspension seat in the world. The Ullman Dynamics seats have been scientifically proven to also be, by far, the safest of all seats. A unique track record of zero injuries reported, 19 000 seats in professional use over 20 years, gives solid support for Dr. Ullman’s claim. The pairing of seat geometries developed for the human body, with the unique maintenance-free, 3-Dimensional Leaflex® suspension gives several unique properties: maintaining the body postures optimal for both comfort and safety; allowing postural control and stability; providing both vertical and lateral impact mitigation; eliminates all vibration and physical fatigue. Ullman Dynamics – staying true to their core value: Protecting People.
For more details Tel: +46 31 7082600 or visit www.ullmandynamics.com



SHOCKWAVE Seats is a Canadian company that’s been in the marine suspension business since 2001. Customers include military organisations in over 20 countries, law enforcement in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. SHOCKWAVE Seats designs and builds all of its high quality products on the west coast of Canada, using military-grade components and test their products in real-world sea conditions in some of the most severe seas on the planet. In 2017 SHOCKWAVE Seats launched the S5 Marine Suspension Module, the first product in a new line of recreational products. The S5 offered an air sprung ROCK SHOX shock with 4” of downward travel and on-the-fly rebound and firmness adjustments. This year, SHOCKWAVE announced the new S5 Sentinel Suspension Module, it offers performance and strength, increased lateral stability, superior corrosion protection and a fully adjustable FOX shock absorber.
For more details visit www.shockwaveseats.com


SHOCK-WBV Ltd manufacture a range of suspension modules to improve the comfort and ride on board powerboats and tenders. The suspension modules can be retro fitted or fitted to new boats and use standard hole patterns to allow you to fit any seat/chair type to the unit. The units are designed and manufactured in Southampton UK and use shock absorbers made by world leaders FOX.
For more details visit www.shock-wbv.com


The Magnus helm seat is a durable and comfortable seat that is made to fit the requirements of yachting enthusiasts. The strong fibreglass shell and stainless components allow for outdoor as well as indoor use. The seat is available in different configurations and colour variants: with fixed armrests, flip-up armrests or a flip-up bolster at the front of the seat. Pörtner Seats is part of the family owned Lande Group, and has stood for handmade German quality and reliability since 1974. This uncompromising dedication has made Pörtner seats a household name among skippers, including those from coast guard and navy.
For more details Tel: +49 (0)5225 400 9862 or visit www.poertner-seats.de


ERpro HSC seats offer a reliable, durable and quality solution to shock mitigation. The main structure is designed with a naval aluminum mechanism and the heart of the system is enhanced with specially designed Ohlins coil spring shock absorbers . Those features together with customised solutions in a variety of colours and trustworthy after sales support, make ERpro’ s seats a great choice for pleasure, professional or military high-speed boats. Chameleon T1LS, the new powerful ‘weapon’ in ERpro’s arsenal, is a fold up version seat with side lumbar supports and height adjustment that gives optimal body posture (stand up, mid or sitting position) for handling both static and dynamic loads. The upholstery uses marine grade fabrics for harsh environments, high-quality cushion materials and waterproof extra fine seams. Its unique suspension system can be adjusted in any desired level of comfort and will provide the same efficiency in high or low frequency vibrations.
For more details Tel: +30 6940823153
or visit www.er-products.com