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Sea Water RIBs

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Reliability & Elegance

With a team of experienced mariners, Sea Water are ideally placed to design bespoke tenders that deliver safety, performance and agility packed into a unique and flexible RIB series

Sea Water RIBs

Being captain of a yacht entails big responsibilities.One of them is choosing the best tender or chase boat available on the market, the one that best reflects safety, comfort and efficiency. That is why Sea Water’s RIBs
are the right answer to meet this need and here’s why.

Sea Water is based in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, which might seem unimportant, but there’s a very significant detail there, to help you understand the boats they build. Living on an island means living in close contact with the sea and knowing it well and that is why Sea Water makes its inflatables with the awareness and experience of people who know what counts at sea: a reliable, safe and performing RIB, made by sea-going people for sea-going people.

The production process is carefully monitored by experienced professionals; boat users, not just boat builders. Starting from the construction of the GRP hull, which is specifically designed to enhance the feeling of sound handling and comfort, ensuring safety even in rough sea conditions. All this translates into outstanding reliability, comfort for the guests on board and exceptional maneuverability. All these factors convey a feeling of full control, at all times. Secondly, the adoption of high diameter inflatable tubes gives the boats the stability they need while picking up guests or carrying supplies for the main yacht, as well as during the most challenging turns in rough seas. A large sturdy inflatable tube is also the best solution in terms of practicality when approaching other boats, the main yacht or a dock: they cut out the risk factor of damage during mooring and maneuvering.

Another distinctive feature of Sea Water RIBs is deck layout. The purity and simplicity of its lines and design can evolve to meet the needs of the owner. Not only in terms of the virtually infinite custom colour schemes available, but also a modular deck layout for seating, driving and storage, all the way up to tailor made solutions for on board electronics for navigation, domotics, infotainment and monitoring boat systems.

Sea Water RIBs
Sea Water RIBs
Sea Water RIBs

Large storage lockers, fore and aft, can be topped by large sunbeds, in a leisure boat configuration, or they can provide extra seats, if you need to transport guests or crewmembers. Audio systems can be discreet, if you are just looking for a relaxing cruise, or rigged up for a blast, to get a party going. Cabined versions are available for models above 10 metres, ideal for comfortable use throughout the day or for a night cruise, or as a practical and comfortable cabin for a tender driver.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to add a Ski pole for water skiing or leave free deck space for some water toys; your imagination is the only limit for the boat’s customisation. Every Sea Water can be built to match the main yacht’s

features and color scheme, as well as to meet the ship owner’s other requirements. Your tender, the way you want it.

In terms of reliability, robust construction characteristics mean that every Sea Water RIB is capable of managing prolonged, heavy-duty use and endless hours of navigation without any type of particular maintenance. Moreover, the assistance network allows for efficient and punctual maintenance and service, if needed, right in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Sea Water’s range starts out with the 18’ Smeralda 180, which can be powered up to 115HP. The next model up is the new Phantom 230, a refined version of the previous Smeralda 230. Growing in size, we move up to the Phantom 260, 280 and 300s, 26’, 28’ and 30’ in overall length, respectively. In particular, the Phantom 300 can be considered the all-time best-selling model of the Sea Water range, with nearly a hundred custom-built units sold worldwide, thanks to its size and outstanding features and performance.

The brand’s forthcoming new model is the Phantom 320, which is the smallest cabined model of the entire range. Within its 32 feet, it has an extremely spacious deck and a welcoming under- the-console cabin, with a bathroom and double bed option, as well as lot of interesting accessories like an on-deck wine cellar.

At the high end of the maxi-RIB range, there’s the Phantom 400, available in a cabined or open deck version, with a bathroom as a

standard feature in both versions and which can be completely customised in both configurations. The flagship of the range is the truly magnificent Phantom 500: a 50’ cabined RIB, with a spacious bedroom and a bathroom under the deck and so much space above, with two big living areas on bow and stern, which can be extensively personalised upon request.

Closing Sea Water’s offer, there are two more models: the Kymera 43 and 53. These innovative craft represent a completely reinvented concept of inflatable. They are made as rigid fibreglass boats that maintain the structural concept of traditional dinghies: foam filled air chambers on the sides and hull, give the boat impressive stability, making it virtually unsinkable. The performance of these two boats is impressive. Both can be highly customised to meet the owner’s tastes and needs.

Just go and visit them and choose your own Sea Water RIB. They’ll make sure it’s like no other. Unique and yours only, because no two Sea Water RIBs are the same, ever and they never will be.

For more details Tel: +39 392 5914869 or visit www.seawater.it

Sea Water RIBs
Sea Water RIBs