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Safety signage onboard superyachts

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Shining a light on safety

Looking to integrate safety and luxury? Excellence by Everlux for superyachts is the solution


As a manufacturer of safety signage, Everlux is aware of all the needs of the marine industry, including innovating and improving the safety signage for superyachts.

Everlux Maritime has been an exhibitor in some of the most important maritime events all over the world but, however, being restricted during the past 2 years, Everlux decided to reach the superyacht market in an innovative way: with a digital and interactive digital exhibition.

Purely focused on the Excellence by Everlux for superyachts, this virtual tour will guide the visitor through our different signage solutions. From muster and embarkation stations to cabin and deck signs, Everlux offers signage solutions for every area of the superyacht.

In your visit to our virtual superyachts you will find:

  • Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) Systems for superyachts
  • Bespoke Deck and Cabin Identification Signs that meet each yacht specific aesthetic requirements
  • Escape Route Signs
  • Fire-fighting Equipment Signs
  • Life Saving Appliances, Fire, Mandatory Action and Prohibition Signs
  • And last but not least, the iconic Everlux demonstration tunnel which offer the experience of navigating through a corridor and a flight of stairs in complete blackout!
Everlux Maritime
Everlux Maritime
Everlux Maritime

This virtual tour through the Excellence by Everlux Photoluminescent Safety Signs for superyachts also shows the distinctive characteristics of the Excellence signage: small and discreet profile, high resistance, quick and easy to install and can be produced in several noble base materials, such as acrylic glass or metal, that meet the highest aesthetic requirements of superyacht interior design.

The idea is to create a harmonious co-existence between the sign elements and the environment, emphasising the aesthetics of the vessel. The benefits of having a photoluminescent safety signage system and in particular, a Low Location Lighting (LLL) system in a superyacht are on display in this tour, where visitors will see for themselves that photoluminescent safety signs are effective in identifying escape routes, fire-fighting and emergency equipment under any circumstance. Additionally, visitors will also understand that this sign range will blend in with the interior aesthetic details of superyachts as every sign is fabricated combining top quality and innovative substrates and coloured pigments that allow the pictograms and the background colours to be visible in the dark.

Everlux Maritime

It is also important to mention that the Excellence by Everlux signage is compliant with the LY3 (the Large Yacht Code) and with IMO Res. A.1116(30).

Everlux offers several services to the super yacht sector such as project development, installation and onboard luminance measurement services. These services can be provided independently or integrated by using our turnkey safety signage services.

To visit the online tour, simply visit: www.everluxmaritime.com/en/everlux-exhibition/excellence-for-super-yachts-exhibition-tour.

If you are currently working on a superyacht project and would like to evaluate the possibility of using the Excellence by Everlux for superyachts, please contact us for more information or to request your sample kit: commercial@everluxmaritime.com.

For more details Tel: +351 233 407 407 or visit www.everluxmaritime.com