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Safety and navigation onboard

Article by Chris Clifford


With the new generation of owners wishing to cruise in more remote areas, safety onboard while underway or at anchor has never been more important


The Intelligent Marine Assistance System IMAS tackles two of the largest cost and risk drivers of fleet operations: accidents and fuel consumption. The solution is an on board Artificial Intelligence that saves fuel, reduces carbon emissions and improves safety with real time sea navigation that continuously improves as the AI learns. The solution has demonstrated a capability to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%, reduce dangerous shocks and impact on board by up to 70% and reduce insurance premium policy discounts from selected insurers by up to 20%. IMAS can help to mitigate for inexperienced pilots, enhancing situational awareness and minimising the risk of bad habits. As well as providing deeper insights and analytical capability into the operation of a fleet.

DONIA_Andromède Océanologie Monaco

Reconciling yachting and the environment is a project that involves every player in the industry: owners, shipyards, brokers, captains, as well as central and local authorities. Among the topics that need to be covered, the impact of mooring is both crucial and well defined. Alongside the maritime authorities and yachting players, Andromède Océanologie has developed some innovating tools. The Donia app can be used by skippers to display the type of seabed and help avoid dropping anchor on fragile ecosystems. The Donia brand solutions are designed for pleasure boating and yachting so they have a lesser impact on the marine environment.


In order for a forward looking sonar to be an effective navigation tool, it must have a wide field of view, a fast update rate and be capable of sensing from the seafloor all the way to the sea surface with a single ping. This provides the crew with reliable real-time data. The FarSounder Argos Forward Looking Sonars do this well allowing their users to access many desirable destinations with limited risk. This has never been more important than now due to the new generation of owners looking to cruise in many areas that lack accurate chart data. The Argos 3D Forward Looking Sonar can show the safe passage directly from the yacht. Crew will be able to look ahead with a wide field of view, from the sea surface to the bottom, in real time. It deems much of the other alternative strategies unnecessary.

iris Innovations

Iris Innovations
Established in 2003, Iris Innovations have become one of the worlds leading manufacture of rugged marine CCTV systems. With headquarters in the UK and USA, Iris produce a range of high end camera solutions manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel, controllable thermal imaging night vision cameras and black-box camera management systems. As well as their standard product portfolio, Iris Innovations also manufacture rugged cameras for some of the worlds leading marine electronics companies. With camera solutions designed for vessels of all types and sizes, our range of CMAC black box’ system management hubs, compatible with leading chart plotters, allow users to upload their deck plans and drag and drop device icons and action icons. The IrisControl App is the most feature rich and intuitive marine camera interface on the market.

Iris’s S460 miniature stainless steel IP camera with ultra wide lens options is used extensively on vessels throughout the world for security, safety and situational awareness applications.


Communication and comprehensive alarm management are critical when onboard. VesselWatch is the industry leading two-way radio communication software, capable of integrating with your vessel’s alarm system to keep you in total control wherever you are; while unifying your onboard AV and guest service call buttons to provide a 5-star guest service, giving you the best of both worlds – safety and service. VesselWatch 2.0 is the company’s most advanced solution to date. With a new client server architecture you can manage your communication from anywhere onboard.

With full integration to leading service call systems like GEST, Crestron, AMX and many more gives the onboard team flexibility and control to respond to requests with speed and professionalism.


The company prides itself on engineering excellence to solve the problems of underwater detection and navigation by delivering reliable, easy to use and designed as real-world solutions. There are two main solutions Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar and the Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar. Vigilant will transform your vessel’s underwater awareness when navigating uncharted waters or difficult locations. You’ll be alerted to threats below the surface, giving you time to take action. The Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar protects yourself, your guests and your valuable assets with the world’s most widely deployed underwater intruder detection sonar.