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In each edition of ONBOARD Magazine we ask an industry expert to talk about a subject that is either close to their heart or simply gets the emotions going. We look at various subjects such as marine conservation, legal frameworks, safety on board, regulations affecting the industry and much more…

Seabed 2030

Tinah Martin from Seabed 2030 looks at the importance of mapping our seabeds with the help of yacht owners

Water Revolution Foundation

Water Revolution Foundation is an independent, international, science-driven, non-profit organisation from within the superyacht industry

The International SeaKeepers Society

The International SeaKeepers Society.Today the primary focus of SeaKeepers’ efforts is the DISCOVERY Yacht Program.

Ocean Conservation Trust

Ocean Conservation Trust- Catherine Ansell presents their latest initiative to protect and regenerate the ocean’s most important ecosystem

Superyacht Eco Association (SEA)

The SEA Index CO2 emissions calculator tool and the Superyacht Eco Association are led by the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Eyesea and mapping pollution

Graeme Somerville-Ryan from Eyesea explains how the collection of data is the only way forward if we are to save our oceans

Water Revolution Foundation

Vice chair of Water Revolution Foundation, Vienna Eleuteri, talks about ocean conservationist and the yachting community

SEA Index – Raising awareness by sharing data

Bernard d’Alessandri, talks about the SEA Index and its vision for the future

Keeping an eye on our oceans

EYESEA outlines their mission to collect photographic GPS tagged data on ocean pollution

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup team research ocean pollution for global policy change

Restoring our ocean’s beauty

Bradley Robertson from Save The Med asks why we need so many organisations working independently

Transparency in yacht construction

Jens Meyer looks at the need for professional project management in today’s yacht building industry

Sustainable Yachting Network

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has launched a new initiative – Sustainable Yachting Network

Protecting our oceans inhabitants

Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles, in partnership with iSea, involving citizens in conservation

Protected areas in the Mediterranean

Research and Expeditions Director Ricardo Aguilar of Oceana on discovering and documenting remote areas of our oceans

Beyond Plastic

Lucile Courtial of BeMed looks at the sustainable solutions it is launching together with its partners to develop a plastic-free Mediterranean Sea

Controls on the increase

In 2017 Port State Control inspections on yachts in the Paris MoU area increased by 13% on 2016 with 275 yachts being inspected

Discovering our oceans

Romain Troublé introduces Tara Expeditions and explains their desire to protect the oceans, our planets greatest ecosystem

To Serve, To Protect

Rory Moore points out that the lack of management of marine resources has lead to the Aeolian waters being disconcertingly absent of sea life

Ballast triumphs

Barbara Fountoukos confirms the IMO has yielded to an extension to the Ballast Water Management Convention

Surveying the Situation

Paul Bournas reveals potential pitfalls and challenges involved in paint and coatings in today’s superyacht industry

Safety First

Simon Harvey of N2 People Skills looks at the need to change attitudes towards risk taking and safety management

Commission or kickback?

Benjamin Maltby looks at what might constitute a bribe, no matter where the businesses and individuals are operating

Anchors Away

Marie Romani of MedPAN looks at the damage caused by the yachting industry to the Posidonia meadows in the Mediterranean