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Imron Marine Coatings

Article by Chris Clifford


Not all yacht owners want traditional whites, creams, browns and blues when it comes to choosing above the-water-line colour schemes. Some prefer bold, bright or pearlescent options, while others may want to match a specific colour or to follow a current colour trend.

Imron® Marine Coatings from Axalta, a leading supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is well-known for producing beautiful, long-lasting finishes that combine brilliant appearance with durability, exceptional UV resistance and easy maintenance. The paint system’s extensive colour palette enables yacht owners and yacht designers to personalise vessels and make them truly stand out. Now, with the launch of the new colour retrieval platform – Imron Marine Colour Compass – colour choice, colour matching and repairs have been taken to another level.

The online platform has a database of more than 65,000 regularly updated colour formulas. Visitors can source information on a particular shade or colour whether they need to repair an existing colour or to find inspiration for new designs. Searching the database can be done using a number of different criteria such as colour group or quality, which is perfect for repairing dedicated marine colours. Applicators can save colour formula searches and quickly retrieve them too, which makes finding colours for future applications or repairs efficient and easy. The last five colour searches remain available in the web browser and all data is automatically backed up to the Cloud when online.

Inge De Jonge, Product and Marketing Manager Imron Marine for Axalta in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, says, “We are delighted to launch our new Imron Marine Colour Compass online platform, which will enable yacht designers to be even more creative with colour, while also ensuring that colours are matched perfectly for yacht repairs. The new platform will also help speed up the colour matching process as well as making it easier to keep track of projects, quantities and costs.”

The colour retrieval platform comes into its own when paired with an Axalta spectrophotometer. When colour matching for repairs, an applicator takes spectrophotometer readings off the yacht’s hull. The latest generation of Axalta spectrophotometers benefit from WiFi connectivity. Readings are uploaded wirelessly to the colour retrieval platform, so users don’t have to spend time inputting information into the system. As well as delivering immediate search results, the new spectrophotometers look deep into the paint film with advanced optics to acquire the flake and colour characteristics that are key for the software to determine the best colour match.


For yacht designers and new builds, where clients may want a specific colour or a colour to match another object, the spectrophotometer takes readings from that object to ensure a perfect match. Once the information is in the system, the colour matching software will search the colour database and find the closest match.

Yacht designers and applicators are often keen to get an estimate of paint costs for a project and this is another service offered on the platform.

The Imron Marine Colour Compass can be accessed from any computer or mobile device where there is an internet connection, so users do not have to be in an office or workshop to make searches or retrieve information.

Registration is required to access the website’s services and this can be done at www.axalta.com/gb/en_GB/ marine-finishes.html#
or by emailing Imron-Marine-Coatings@axalta.com

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