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Electric surfboards

Article by Chris Clifford

The must-have toys on any charter yacht over recent years, the wide range of electric boards offer a safe and environmentally friendly way to explore the coastal waters at any speed no matter your age or experience level


With a unique skillset and industry expertise the team deliver innovations that last. Whether an Efoil, foil, board or wing, the products developed that will enhance the exceptional feeling of flying above water. With Japan as a key influencer, they are constantly testing out new technologies and looking for developments that will further their ingenuity and the ability to make massive steps forward for the progress of foiling. The R&D team work tirelessly to develop products that deliver an outstanding experience from your first initiation ride all the way through to high performance carving. They create a very select product range that fits a wide segment with a minimalist style suited for all riders. Each release is the product of thousands of hours of work behind the scenes to achieve the best possible version.
For more details Tel: +33 494385340
or visit www.takuma.com

OLO Boards

The OLO One, one of the most beautiful electric surfboards out there, provides you with a proper adrenaline kick. The 2022 edition of the OLO One has got an optimised shape to reach the glide phase faster and ultimately use less power for the same performance. With an output of 10 kilowatts, it brings the electric surfboard to a top speed of around 50 km/h. OLO is the ultimate electric surfboard: powered, sustainable, customisable and high-end. Handmade in Germany, OLO boards are industry leading in terms of design, engineering, performance and easy handling – using state-of-the-art technology and top quality materials.
For more details Tel: +49 (0)40 20933 7530
or visit www.oloboards.com

Ibiza Foils

In 2017 Ibiza Foils started their community to introduce the evolution of eFoiling to the world, becoming the very first official Lift e-foil reseller and rental centre in the world and the main point in Europe with more than 500 units sold to date. They offer the possibility to fly above the water to people of all ages whether they are experienced or they just know how to swim. From the beach or from your boat, Ibiza Foils offer exclusive rental packages to try out the best eFoil technology. You can try and buy the latest hydrofoil Liftfoils models as well as other awesome products like the top jet board on the market, the Awake Ravik.
For more details visit www.ibizafoils.com


JETSURF presents the brand new Adventure DFI model – modified hull, four straps for both riding positions and riding characteristics better than ever before. Silent riding, lost lasting battery and light weight construction. The board is built for longer trips on all types of water even including waves. The riding range can be easily extended by strapping an external fuel tank and duffel bag to the board to carry all your important supplies for your explorations. As a bonus you can now add extra stability with the new TUBE accessory. Looking for easier jetsurfing if you’re a beginner? Would you like to let your children share the board or just looking for more stability? Then, the Tube will definitely be your favourite addition to the range of thrilling boards. A rubber ring fits on to your board to create a very stable surfing craft giving fun to any generation of user. The inflatable can be inflated in minutes for hours of fun.
For more details Tel: +420 774 602 701
or visit www.jetsurf.com


Radinn embodies the next-generation of water sports: a completely modular jetboard that lets you soar across the water at incredible speeds. The easy-to-use boards are the perfect accessory for every kind of cruiser and climate. Radinn’s innovative design and cutting- edge technology mean more fun on the water for the entire family. The jetboards are powered by a handheld remote that controls your acceleration with effortless manoeuvrability at speeds of up to 56 kmh / 35 mph.
For more details email info@radinn.com or visit www.radinn.com


The Lampuga Air is an inflatable electric surfboard that delivers continuous power, speed and stability on water. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the board is built to the highest safety standards, employs modern electric technology and is completely emission free. The board’s lithium-ion battery allows for a riding time of up to 45 minutes and is equipped with a convenient LED display indicating the charging state of the battery. The board is accelerated forward by a jet drive to a top speed of 50km/h. The board’s speed is controlled by a hand-held remote-control utilising Bluetooth technology and can be connected to a stabilising handle for enhanced control and stability.
For more details Tel: +49 721 61935 614
or visit www.lampuga.de


Onean manufactures some of the bestselling electric jetboards on the market: Onean X the fastest, made for adrenaline seekers, reaches 45 km/h and has a 40-minute battery life; Onean Twin, made for those up to 90 kg is completely modular and reaches 35km/h with a 40-minute battery life. It is apt for those with a surfing background and amateurs; with the Onean Manta, the largest of the range is made for adventurers, is family friendly and perfect for long excursions with its larger sized board surface. The Manta can ride up to an incredible 5 hours at a lower speed of 10km/h and reaches around 13km/h.
For more details visit www.onean.com


Uncompromising in their approach to design, quality and innovative, Fliteboard holds numerous patents and has won awards all over the world, including the coveted Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’. Fliteboard has achieved global acclaim, with a fan club that includes some of the world’s most influential names. Described by Shopify founder Tobias Lutke as “the most magical gadget on the planet”. Fliteboard’s iconic unibody design offers unbeatable performance and stability across the range from beginner to Pro, with the inflatable AIR being a popular choice amongst superyacht owners. Fliteboard has achieved a number of firsts, from crossing the English Channel (on a single battery charge), reaching top speeds of 55km/h and riding some of the biggest waves in the world at Nazaré.
For more details Tel: +31 6 34 33 92 31
or visit www.fliteboard.com