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For the yachting professional on the Mediterranean


Article by Chris Clifford

Race your heartbeat
The award-winning marine hypercraft Burrasca. Individuality, power and elegance. Offering a unique and emotional attitude to life that combines technical sophistication and the finest craftsmanship. Pushing the boundaries of man and machine.

In the beginning there was just an idea: Build the most powerful and beautiful premium personal watercraft. Start at zero and develop everything from scratch. Four years of development work have gone into the marine hypercraft Burrasca, a supercar for the water. Our vision became reality as the winner of the German Brand Award as well as the BIG SEE Product Design Award 2022. The prestigious awards recognise Belassi as a premium manufacturer for marine hypercraft combining top performance, power, and first-class design. The ocean provides freedom, without any paths or trails. It is the perfect environment for the unique marine hypercraft Burrasca developed for anyone who wants to discover the limits of gravity. The Jet-powered marine hypercraft combines 320 hp and unique driving performance, like extreme cornering speeds with awesome acceleration.

Individuality and design
Burrasca is named after the Italian word for storm – symbolising the untamable force of nature. Craftsmanship, technology and perfection in design are the principles on which the Burrasca is created by Belassi. Each Burrasca is handcrafted and manufactured in Leiben, Austria, built from more than 2.000 parts, individually assembled by hand and passed by the quality check on our private lake. Since the production is all in-house, we have full control on all processes and parts. For this reason, the Burrasca is fully customisable in terms of colour, finishing and seat cover. The custom design concept is as individual as Belassi customers and the perfect way to show their identity. “Visually, the Burrasca can meet any special request, no matter how extravagant,”says Christian Hintersteininger, Managing Director of Belassi. “What remains are its unparalleled inner values.”


Awarded for craftsmanship and design
In the German Brand Award competition, the marine hypercraft Burrasca, won over the jury in the category “Excellent Brand – Luxury” and was awarded the winner’s title as the world’s first premium brand in the “personal watercraft” market. Furthermore Belassi won the title as the Newcomer Brand of 2022 in the category “Excellent Brands”. A competitive advantage was achieved with the creation of a dedicated category and being seen as non-replicable. “Through the synergy of innovative technology and exceptional design, combined with authentic manufacturing expertise, we have created a new and unrivalled premium segment,” says Hintersteininger.

“The titles encourage us to continue on our path to produce the most exclusive watersports vehicle that clearly stands out from the crowd,” says Hintersteininger.

Elegance in combination with power
The Burrasca aims to redefine the personal watercraft category, with elegance and speed with 320 hp thanks to the turbo three-cylinder engine especially developed by Belassi. “We wanted to revolutionise the world of personal watercraft and create a new category, the marine hypercraft,” says Hintersteininger.

The BIG SEE Award acknowledges outstanding design and innovation in various categories such as architecture, interior, product and fashion design. “The title for being a leader in marine design is another confirmation for Belassi to be the premium manufacturer of personal watercraft,” says Sergiy Borakovskyy, Head of Marketing.

“The Burrasca is the ideal choice for those longing for more than just a regular personal watercraft. You will not pass unnoticed, this is our promise. Austrian quality assembled by hand and high-precision engineering is applied down to the smallest detail.”

Summarising the brand’s vision, Borakovskyy explains, “The Burrasca is an expression of an individual lifestyle that continually tests the limits in the search for perfection and self-realisation.”

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