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Burrasca Marine Hypercraft

Article by ONBOARD Magazine

Pushing the boundaries of man and machine. We introduces the Burrasca Marine Hypercraft by Belassi which sets new performance and design standards

Italian passion on the water paired with Austrian engineering par excellence: Belassi, manufacturer for premium personal watercrafts, is championing the market with a 320-hp watersports vehicle.
The Burrasca masterfully combines craftsmanship, exclusivity and performance.

Belassi is an Austrian premium manufacturer of personal watercrafts. The company develops and manufactures the high-quality watercraft named Burrasca, the Italian word for storm – symbolising the untamable force of nature.

With the current Burrasca MK II, Belassi is delivering a new class to the market: The Marine Hypercraft is the right choice for those longing for more than a regular PWC. High-tech engineering, top performance and Italian design are combined to create a dream come true for motorised watersports enthusiasts.

The racing vehicle for the water is based on the Hypercars from McLaren, Königsegg, Lamborghini and Bugatti. “From the beginning, it was our goal to produce more than just a vehicle,” explains Christian Hintersteininger, CEO of Belassi. “The Burrasca is an expression of an individual lifestyle that continually tests the limits in the search for perfection and self- realisation.”

The company prides itself on having automotive, motorsport and engineering experts under one roof: in the Belassi factory in Leiben, Lower Austria, engine development, engineering and product design join forces to realise a shared vision. “We wanted to revolutionise the world of personal watercrafts and create a new category, the Marine Hypercraft,” says Hintersteininger. “That’s why we decided to develop an exclusive, high-quality, limited edition watersports vehicle that clearly stands out from the crowd.”

Burrasca Marine Hypercraft
Burrasca Marine Hypercraft
Burrasca Marine Hypercraft

By combining state-of-the-art development, Italian design and true craftsmanship, Belassi has created a vehicle category that has never existed before. “Our credo is to exceed the demands of every single customer. That is why every Burrasca is a unique masterpiece made in Austria, tried and tested down to the smallest detail,” says Hintersteininger, summarising the vision.

Craftsmanship, technology and perfection in design are the principles on which each Burrasca is built. The Burrasca was created following a long period of preparation. A large number of prototypes and countless test runs were completed until the Marine Hypercraft lived up to the vision.

With the contributions of a renowned German design centre, the Belassi team spent around three months designing the Marine Hypercraft using 3D software. In total it took about one and a half years to create this piece of commitment, endurance and know-how. Each Burrasca is built from more than 2,000 parts, individually assembled by hand and tested for hundreds of hours. Austrian quality and high-precision engineering is applied down to the smallest detail.

Passion and innovation at the highest level
The cockpit and chassis are crafted with numerous carbon parts that combine maximum strength with low weight and a sharp design. The Belassi engineers have also achieved a masterpiece with the hull. Thanks to the ingenious hydrodynamics and the various stabilizers, extreme cornering speeds with up to 4g acceleration are possible with the Burrasca. The tight integration of the engine and the drivetrain are in perfect synergy. This makes the Hypercraft stand out in terms of handling, driving performance and acceleration. The hull geometry, inlet pump channel and drivetrain harmonise perfectly.

The highly motorised, powerful machine is characterised by uncompromising forward thrust and a sharp, precise position in the water. The striking lines inspired by racing motorcycle designs – appear dynamic, compact and exude energy and excitement. The powerful heart, the turbo-charged three-cylinder engine developed in-house, produces a massive 320 hp.

The Burrasca is fully customisable in terms of colour and seat cover. The custom design concept is as individual as Belassi customers. “Visually, the Burrasca can meet any special request, no matter how extravagant,” says Hintersteininger. “What remains are its unparalleled inner values.”


Burrasca Marine Hypercraft

Worldwide dealer and service network
Test drives of the Burrasca can only be arranged with one of the exclusive authorised dealers within the global Belassi network or by personal invitation during Belassi test days. “The dealers are selected with great care, criteria such as exclusive location, excellent technical equipment and expertise in the maritime sector are imperative,” says Waldemar Pöchhacker, Chief Marketing Officer at Belassi.

“Burrasca is unique in its premium class as a Marine Hypercraft, as it combines ultimate performance with effortless elegance. Our partners and customers appreciate the value of individuality, high quality, performance and a premium product which we also deliver through our customer care and service as well.”

For more details Tel: +43 664 845 1783 or visit www.belassi.com