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Ask the Expert

In each issue of ONBOARD Magazine, we talk to four experts in their fields about common issues on board superyachts and how their products and services can deliver the required solutions.

Carl Omundsen

Chief Technical Officer
Vesper Marine

what re the benefits of combining vhf, his and mobile into a single device
Combining disparate functions into a single system provides the user with a cohesive integrated experience, reducing install time, cost and complexity. Installation is simplified using a single box, eliminating external splitters and additional antennas. Operation becomes seamless with services like VHF, DSC and AIS operating congruently. Read More

Adrian Hicks

Managing Director
Channel 28

Analogue radio modulates one voice call for each 12.5kHz band, with no encryption making it easier for anybody to monitor crew and guest movements. However, despite their trusty and dependable nature, analogue radios remain an enormous security risk for keeping communications private on board. Digital radio encodes and encrypts the voice, allowing more channels for a frequency. Read More

Alan Bernardi

Managing Director
Airship Ltd

Most mobile contracts offer low cost roaming bolt-ons, but these aren’t always highlighted to the customer. To avoid sky-high data and roaming charges, there’s a few ways you can reduce use, without reducing your communication options. Before travelling, ask your provider to set a data roaming cap. You can also set a warning limit on your phone. Read More

Chris Warde

Head of superyachts

We all have a responsibility for protecting our oceans and our local environment and on a superyacht the crew should be doing everything that they can to minimise the environmental impact of the yacht. Regulations controlling the discharge of grey and black water, bilge or ballast water are difficult to plot. Base line data is often affected by headlines and rocky outcrops, Read More

Claire Steel CeraShield


Yes they can. In the past 10 years ceramic coatings have evolved and with the development of our removal gel it means that vessels can have the coating removed successfully prior to a paint job. Our removal gel dissolves the ceramic coating revealing the original paint beneath. We have successfully removed many coatings from vessels prior to a paint job without any problems for various painting companies around the world.Read More

David Savage Excelerate Marine

Chairman & CEO
Excelerate Group

There are numerous VSAT and 4G choices available on the market today. However, it’s rarely considered how a hybrid network can deliver a more reliable internet connection than a singular network. By having both 4G and VSAT on board, should you lose 4G signal, you can automatically switch to your VSAT coverage for non-stop connectivity. The two networks also come with their own strengths for certain applications. Read More

Carl Omundsen Vesper Marine

Chief Technical Officer
Vesper Marine

AIS is undergoing two significant changes. It will increasingly be integrated into other marine electronics and the user interface will be revolutionised. These will enable significant enhancements to how boaters interact with AIS information, thereby improving safety. There will inevitably be “bolt-on” additions of AIS modules from OEM suppliers into electronics, but these will provide limited benefit. Read More

Jamie Crellin ICAP

I-Cap Marine

It’s well known that a Captain’s life is a very busy one with not only the day-to-day running of the boat to look after, but also the management and wellbeing of its crew to oversee. However by engaging the services of an efficient yacht management support partner the burden of sole responsibility on the Captain can be significantly reduced with the effective provision of important but time-consuming functions.Read More

Ewan Clark Coppercoat


What are the main benefits of a long-term anti-fouling solution?
There are several options of anti-foul paints that combine copper with biocides. Copper is a popular anti¬fouling material, being both safe and effective. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages to conventional anti-fouling paint in general, as they are usually only effective for a year or two and the regular haul-outs and reapplications required means it becomes expensive.Read More

Jesper Steenbuch Exhilator


What are the main benefits of installing an exhaust purification system?
Most invest time and money, either on pleasure or financial ROI. Investing in an Exhaust Purification System combines both. You will enjoy the stay on the yacht more, and the yacht’s residual value will improve. Just like any other industry, you upgrade or buy new, but buying new has a worse ROI, than upgrading. Exhilator systems are very easy to install, we removed all the complexity, and made it a ‘plug and play system’, Read More

Chris Fowler Fischer Panda

Marine Sales
Fischer Panda

What are the advantages of running parallel generators on larger yachts?
Larger yachts have traditionally been fitted with two or more over¬sized independent generators to provide the capacity to cover peak power demands, but they mostly operate at 50% or less of their overall output capability. A more efficient and environmentally-friendly way to meet the fluctuating use of the generator system is to connect multiple generators in parallel, with each genset capable of independent operation, Read More

Jody James I-Cap Marine

I-Cap Marine Ltd

Whats the lost important part of yacht management?
As we all know, effective communication is always of great benefit. Whilst at sea, however, it’s also of paramount importance. Whether it’s the Captain, the Crew or the Support Services Partners ashore, the smooth, efficient and indeed safe running of a boat at sea involves the co-operation of many key stakeholders, each of whom have their own important and unique part to play. Read More

Alex McDiarmid

McDiarmid Design

Can yachting easily reduce its carbon footprint?
Proven hybrid electric power is certainly the immediate way forward for superyachts and the clean fuel alternatives being investigated by various superyacht shipyards is a positive step. The Norwegians have introduced tough environmental legislation and are driving towards electric hybrid and battery-powered vessels, with several innovative new build projects aiming for zero emissions by 2030. Read More

John Leonida Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co

Can I fly a drone over nearby superyachts or in a marina?
The location of the superyacht (international waters or territorial waters) as well as the flag of the yacht determines the laws and regulations a drone operator should comply with. Within the EU, it is governed by the national aviation authorities of each member state unless you have permission from the relevant authorities. Read More

Peter Brooke Spectrum IFA

The Spectrum IFA Group

What should junior crew do with their salaries?
First and foremost, pay off any existing debts. These cost a ridiculous amount in interest. Then build an Emergency Pot. At least three months’ salary available at all times in case you find yourself looking for a job. Thirdly, save for education in order to progress your career, consider the costs of education. Read More

David Sieur YAS Protec

David Sieur
Chief Executive
YAS Protec

How can we protect the yacht during periods of refit?
For the regular crew on board a yacht, protecting the delicate surfaces in common practice, however, when entering a yard for technical or refit periods, there is often a feeling of anxiety from the Captain and Crew about protecting the precious asset. The yards must reassure the crew that all necessary precautions are being taken. Read More

Luke Porter SSCo

Luke Porter
Commercial Manager
Shipyard Supply Co

Explain the yacht tender lifting point certification?
We have seen first-hand the confusion and lack of attention to detail applied to tender lifting points and equipment. Uncertainty is primarily due to the different requirements and certifications from flag, class and local testing facilities, all of which is compounded by location. In the UK, we insist on LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) as this is the most widely accepted standard. Read More


Ashleigh West
Managing Director
Octo Marine

How Can you reduce your plastic waste on board?
It’s very encouraging to see the move away from the use of plastics on the yachts. By following a few simple steps it is possible to achieve an onboard water quality so that the owners, guests and crew can shower, use and drink in confidence, compliance and comfort. Putting in place a Fresh Water Safety Plan is the first step in maintaining and monitoring your water for quality control.Read More


Maurizio Minossi
Technical Director
Videoworks Group

Explain the ‘Music Hull Experience’ created for the Pershing 8X?
The Music Hull system allows listening to music underwater, during the diving or snorkelling sessions. It is a new way of experiencing relaxation at sea, lulled by the sounds or words that we prefer. This innovative solution, developed by the Ferretti Group Engineering Department in collaboration with Videoworks, is managed with the VOTIS infotainment system, Read More

Eddie Kloosterman, Mr Smith

Eddie Kloosterman
Commercial Manager
Mr Smith

What are the latest developments for on board entertainment systems?
The biggest development is IP Television, this means you do not have to use any tvro’s anymore only a good and stable internet which could be provided for example by cellweaver. Other latest developments are Apple TV solutions, updates via App and Music streams. A yacht owner or guest, have to feel that they can go across the world with just one single touch of a touchscreen button. Read More

JMS Crew Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson
Co-founder & Director
JMS Crew and JMS (Monaco)

As a crew member is bigger always better?
More and more I am getting Crew members stating a specific size of yacht they are looking to join, when i hear this I immediately roll out the phrase that ” bigger isn’t always better” which in the case of Superyachts is VERY relevant. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all in this industry and it often takes a bit of trial and error before you find out what works for you. Read More

Luke Porter SSCo

Luke Porter
Commercial Manager
Shipyard Supply Co

What options are available in inflatable fender construction?
There are three main fabrics used in inflatable fender construction; PVC, Hypalon and Polyurethane (PU) and each has its pros and cons depending on budget and intended usage. Most will be familiar with PVC fenders as they’re used on small dinghies through to superyachts. They’re lightweight, have neat welded seams and generally offer the most cost-effective way of protecting the boat. Read More

Gwynne Lewis Orolia Maritime

Gwynne Lewis
Product Director
Orolia Maritime

In a growing age of cyber-crime at sea, how can we ensure our navigational systems are safe?
Since the development of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in the late 70s, Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) based on satellite input has been vital on board Superyachts, allowing GNSS receivers to determine location using time signals transmitted from space. The best way to protect navigational systems from intentional interference is with a multi-layered suite of resilient PNT solutions: Read More

David Ballyn MarineVac

David Ballyn
Managing Director

Whats the best solution for slow flowing grey water drains?
Slow flowing drains can cause a multitude of issues from bad odours to flooding but more importantly these hidden areas can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Well maintained, clean, odour-free pipes will help crew and guests feel they are in a sterile, healthy environment, whilst preventing infections which can lead to more serious health issues.Read More

Greg Hoar, Wild Group

Greg Hoar
The Wild Group

Could the future of eco friendly anti foul be a silicon wrap?
This is something I have been asked a lot over the last few years, and I have always been very sceptical.. after all, current biocide anti fouls are reasonably effective, cheap and easy to apply, so why change?Read More

Rob Papworth ICOMIA

Rob Papworth
Operations Director

What is the benefit of using the ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Contract (ISRC)?
The ISRC is the industry standard refit contract and is used by the large majority of management companies and refit shipyards across the world. Refits can be costly, complex and take a significant length of time, so it is important that any agreement provides security for both client and the shipyard. Read More


Michael Wheeler
I-Cap Marine

What can efficient and robust crew management support services bring to the ‘Captain’s Table’?
It’s well known that a Captain’s life is a very busy one with not only the day-to-day running of the boat to look after, but also the management and wellbeing of its crew to oversee. However by engaging the services of an efficient yacht management support partner the burden of sole responsibility on the Captain can be significantly reduced with the effective provision of important but time-consuming functions. Read More

James Ward Electric String

James Ward
Managing Director
Electric String

What are the Important issues to consider for an AV refit ?
When embarking on an AV refit it is important to remember the boundaries within which you are working and the expectations of a client. Whereas a new build project is essentially a blank canvas, refits are generally restricted on one way or another which must be incorporated into the design of the system. The level to which a design must be adapted depends on the scope of project itself Read More

Paul Hickinbotham, Dometic

Paul Hickinbotham
Product Manager – Marine

How does a source of pure water save time and cost for boat owners?
The countless hours spent by crew cleaning, washing and buffing their yacht are significantly increased when there are impurities in the washing water as streaks and spots are left behind. Dissolved solids can be destructive to marine paints, coatings, hardware and other yacht finishes and detrimental for interior surfaces such as sinks, stainless taps, toilets, water solenoids and shower screens. Read More

Jouni Huusko, Axopar

Jouni Huusko
Technical Sales Manager
Axopar Boats

What differentiates the ‘BRABUS Shadow 800 by Axopar’ compared to the standard Axopar 37 Sun Top?
Although the hull lines of new ‘BRABUS Shadow 800 by Axopar’ are based upon the existing Axopar 37 Sun-Top, that’s where any direct comparison ends. Launched in January this year, the BRABUS version is supplied complete with a long list of quality, standard ‘extras’, that justify the additional cost. Powered by dual Mercury Marine 400R supercharged racing engines, still fine for everyday use. Read More

Kevin Lott, Fusion Entertainment

Kevin Lott
EMEA OEM Sales Manager
Fusion Entertainment

What are the important elements on retro fitting audio entertainment systems?
The biggest problem you usually face when retrofitting any electronic devices is compatibility. The good news is that if you stick to speaker installation, the existing cables can often be re-used and as long as the speakers and amplifiers have matching impedance, there should be no compatibility issues.Read More

Steve Smith Buzz Wireless

Steve Smith
Buzz Wireless

What are the benefits of having a multiband router on-board a vessel working with your VSAT system?
A multiband 4G router working in conjunction with your VSat system will ensure the cheapest available wireless broadband connection is always in use. Our latest Hubba X4 Global has truly worldwide capability to connect to shore based mobile networks and can also connect to free Wi-Fi in port.

By sending out continuous “pings” on all available routes, Read More

Kirstie Slingsby, Voly

Kirstie Slingsby
Head of Product

What are the benefits of Yacht Accounting software?
Voly has evolved from a simple expense management platform to the fully integrated, multi-currency payment platform it is today. This evolution was driven by a need identified within the yachting market for a ‘one-stop-shop’ financial solution.Read More

Dean Maggio Ocean 1 Yacht Tenders

Dean Maggio
Founder, Principal
Ocean 1 Yacht Tenders

What do Captains Demand from a Yacht Tender?
Since 2007, I’ve been skippering the 170’ Royal Huisman schooner Meteor with the previous 27 years spent racing, captaining other large yachts and working in the charter market. With owner and guest comfort of paramount importance across all forms of yachting, it was clear that the design, performance and construction of yacht tenders needed more attention. Read More