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All Systems Go

Article by Claire Griffiths

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Some of us will remember the bell pull in the salon that tinkled in the kitchen and summoned the maid to her mistress. Or the orders barked from the bridge. It wasn’t all that long ago. And few now navigate by the stars except to relive the romance of olden days. In their distant past, some yacht captains did work that way: but whether they remember it nostalgically or with a sense of nausea, the digital age pounced fast and fearsomely and systems on superyachts changed lightening quick. And they’re not finished yet: This month ONBOARD magazine consults the systems experts to find out what’s new and crucial to run a tip-top-tight and safe ship.

If the barking orders and the bell pulls are finished, any management system still needs to be as simple as possible for all the crew to use, not just the engineers, suggests David Clarke at Superyacht Operating Systems (SOS). It should allow the crew to enter and update their own details and upload certificates, whether they’re on board or ashore. And it should have a built-in verification process for the captain or purser to monitor. All data entered should seamlessly populate crew lists, digital In/Out Board, Vacation Tracker, Hours of Rest, Familiarisation, Muster List, and so on without the need to re-enter duplicate data. “Lastly,” says Clarke, “all this information needs to be accessible to the shore-based fleet manager for compliance with the relevant codes, transparency, and general vessel management.”

Charlotte Proth at Rosemont Monaco SAM adds that any Safety Management System, paper or digital is only as effective as its users, so training and familiarisation and a strong safety culture are key to ensuring an effective management system. She says, “With any software system there is a risk of creating a tick-box mentality so it’s important for us as a company to work with captains to create a positive safety attitude on board.”

The system also needs to be proven effective under pressure and in every circumstance points out Tobias Allebrodt at IDEA Data.
“While onboard, crew should be able to access the system totally offline in case there is no internet connection available. This implies a reliable technology for data synchronisation between the Yacht and the Management Server,” says Gregoire Hardi from Deep Blue Soft.

The management system is best implemented during the build process or as soon as possible after purchase. Rosemont spend 2-3 days on board each vessel providing the captain and crew with familiarisation and training in the Safety Management System both from a practical and regulatory perspective. Crew also have continual access to software support.

“Crew and guest general safety starts with the correct application of onboard procedures, whether or not the yacht is under mini or full ISM with a well structured Safety Management Manual in place,” says Hardi. Deep Blue procedures are organised and accessible to all crew through a central platform (Deep Blue Dash Board). All authorised crew members can access all safety procedures in real time from any device during the yacht operations with guests onboard. Crew in charge can be reminded automatically of scheduled procedures, drills, check lists, using the ISM or PMs Deep Blue module.

The SOS platform removes the time delay typically associated with non-automated systems and provides the captain and fleet manager with real-time knowledge so they can address safety concerns immediately. Digital crew and guest In/Out Boards integrate with the Muster Roll so that the captain can easily see who is on board and who needs to muster in the event of an emergency. Says Clarke, “The Total Superyacht’s data-rich environment enables the captain and manager to know which deck most accidents occur on across an entire fleet, or the average number of days it takes each vessel to complete a non-conformity report, or understand which positions exceed their HOR. So captains and managers can see what areas require attention in order to continually improve safety for crew and guests.”

Rosmont’s RYS Live system is similarly populated with several safety related forms and checklists, risk assessments and operating procedures as well as tools for monitoring planned maintenance and crew hours of rest.

Deep Blue Soft

Deep Blue Soft
With an install base of more than 150 yachts and 1,500 users DEEP Blue has become a market reference in the new generation of yacht management software. Developed in collaboration with yachting professionals, DEEP Blue is a fully integrated solution which covers 100% of the yacht operations through different modules: Finance, Technical Maintenance, Human Resources Management, Crew & Yacht Documents, ISM & Charter. DEEP Blue provides unique secured

synchronization technology between on board and the master server ashore, allowing a fluid and efficient ship to shore communication. Obtain approvals from Management and Owner Reps remotely, follow Safety Procedures and access 100% of yacht data from any device (PC, Mac, iPad or mobile phone) to control all your yacht operations.
For more details email: dbs-info@deepbluesw.com
or visit www.deepbluesw.com

Already super-complex and super-effective, operating systems are constantly tweaked for safety and service improvements. One example is the SOS Total Superyacht’s guest In/Out Board (operated by crew) that doubles as a security measure to identify guest movements with a time stamp and activity selection. This helps the captain confidently answer an owner’s question such as, “Do you know where my daughter is?”

SOS also provides a Luxe Knowledge Centre that crew can access and find verified information about everything related to guest service: silver service, cocktail recipes, barista procedures, laundry care and guest personal care as well as expert information on the care of all the luxury surfaces typically found on superyachts (teak, marble, crystal, brass, paint, etc).

IDEA are soon to release software for boats of 30-45 metres. It will allow a 360° management view and can see shortcomings (due certificates, trainings, etc.) in advance for the vessel even in a heavy charter season.

Rosemont has recently launched an interactive Risk Management module to its software which means crew are guided through the Risk Management process step-by-step resulting in a workable plan for managing risk on board. The software also allows crew to register and monitor their hours of work and rest which is viewable by the captain and shoreside management.

Over the last two years Deep Blue Soft has been developing the ISM module for full ISM or mini ISM yachts. Explains Hardi, “The challenge was to integrate such a complex module into our management system/platform, from which crew, managers, DPA or owners’ Reps can switch in one click from purchase orders, to payrolls, to safe manning, technical maintenance, to ISM procedures. The system also uses our unique real time ‘Ship to Shore’ communication system and data synchronisation between the onboard server and master server ashore. This has drastically changed life onboard for mainly officers and pursers, but also for other crew members, offering each user with a professional work frame they can rely on every day.”

Rosemont Yacht Management

RYS LIVE is Rosemont Yacht Management’s bespoke digital cloud-based document management system providing seamless on-line and off-line management of the yacht’s certification, documentation and records. RYS LIVE has been designed to reduce and streamline administrative tasks on board saving time and space, allowing the yacht to run a truly paperless ISM system. In addition to standard ISM Management components, RYS Live has dedicated custom-built modules for Risk Management, Hours of Rest, Crew & Guest Lists, Crew & Yacht Certificates, and Planned Maintenance. Each user has the ability to fill and submit forms, checklists and reports accessible directly from any computer, iPad or phone.
For more details Tel: +44 (0)207 117 0148
or visit www.yachtownership-solutions.com/en

It’s the experience and complex know-how of the operating system companies that make the products so slick but simple to use. But that’s not all. As Tobias Allebrodt points out: he chooses to listen to yacht crew and not second guess. “We try to develop for our customers solutions they tell us they want to use instead of thinking, German like, what we think they might want.”

SOS are currently beta testing their latest creation: a digital Guest Preference Database. It can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with any of the Luxe, vessel management or ISM products. It completely removes the need for handwritten preference sheets and the cumbersome scanning, emailing and printing process that entails. Guests are sent an invitation from the yacht and they can complete and submit their preferences on their phone, tablet or computer.

Says Hardi, “Our clients appreciate the automatic software upgrades they all benefit from every three months, knowing that we continuously develop Deep Blue to match the best yachting standards, working in collaboration with yachting professionals for yacht operators. Our community of users and clients is very demanding but this is what challenges us every day and this is what has made Deep Blue successful in this niche market.”

Nowadays everything is right there ready at the push of a button and perhaps the day of a fully automated crew-free superyacht is not that far off in the future. But where would be the fun in that?

The important thing to recognise is that in the past, on board technology in these departments has perhaps been behind those of similar businesses ashore. I’m sure the global 5 star hotel chains have had interior management systems, predictive maintenance systems and all-in-one accountancy systems for many years. It’s just taken the yachties a little time to adopt these practices but perhaps the techies have only just discovered that our industries needs these practices. Or did they think that an industry with a little over 5,000 targets wasn’t worth the investment? What ever the reason, it’s here and it is definitely improving life on board for the crew and guests.

It will definitely become a larger part of the business, but maybe, just maybe, it will allow you sailors to get back to what you do best

Total Superyacht

Unlike the average Planned Maintenance System (built by engineers for engineers), Total Superyacht is a comprehensive Vessel Management System catering to the needs of every department on board. Its ground breaking design has a fresh approach and functions in the ways crew really need. The founders, of Superyacht Operating Systems (made up of veteran yacht crew and well established as the industry’s leading standard operating procedure experts), collaborated for three years with some of the most respected management companies and DPAs to ensure that the built-in one-of-a-kind all inclusive digital compliance solution would be an industry standout. Its first rate features also include the ability to work offline.
For more details email app@SuperyachtOS.com
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Yacht Accounting the Modern Way. The only multi-currency accounting and payments platform with a fully integrated prepaid card designed specifically for the yachting industry. Voly is tailored to all clients connecting ship to shore simultaneously with a customised reports suite for dedicated

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